Epoxy Flooring in the Garage

Few people in Rochester offer expert epoxy coatings other than Regional Concrete. Epoxy is a coating that covers the concrete floor of your basement or garage. Concrete by nature is porous and abrasive. The epoxy coating provides protection from any automotive fluids, water, or chemicals while creating a smooth and stylish surface.

Epoxy works great for areas where salt, oil, or rubber might otherwise ruin your floor. This is why epoxy flooring is commonly used in garages to showcase cars. That doesn’t mean it can’t be used inside homes. Thanks to the easy-to-clean nature of this smooth and durable surface epoxy floors for basement bars and entertainment areas are trending right now.

Similar to our decorative concrete options, epoxy can be customized to create elegant floors that mimic more expensive materials. Check out our gallery to see past epoxy floors that we’ve done. If you’d like a free in-home estimate give us a call or contact us.